Arcus Professional Colours Acrylic Paints – Grim Fantasy Color Series


Professional Acrylic Water-based, High-Pigment Paint Set

15ml. bottles
1  Set with 6 bottles / special colors

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6 Colors, 15ml. bottles:

– KHR 6A0001 (equivalent to Khorne Red)
– MPR 991115 (equivalent to Mephiston Red)
– ESS C21920 (equivalent to Evil Sunz Scarlet)
– GVR 4B213C (equivalent to Gal Vorbak Red )
– SSR FD5D3D (equivalent to Spirit Stone Red)
– CCR 9A4073 (equivalent to Carroburg Crimson)

– MCG 0D407F (equivalent to Macragge Blue)
– TFG 436276 (equivalent to The Fang)
– TSR 0BAEE6 (equivalent to Talassar Blue)
– UTG C7E0DA (equivalent to Ulthuan Grey)
– KGS 48C3C4 (equivalent to Kroxigor Scales)
– KNT 002051 (equivalent to Kantor Blue)

– DAG 005221 (equivalent to Dark Angels Green)
– SBG 30A66C (equivalent to Sybarite Green)
– DGG 9C9171 (equivalent to Death Guard Green)
– MTG 52B246 (equivalent to Moot Green)
– NGR 9D8C30 (equivalent to Nurgle’s Rot)
– ORF A9BF8E (equivalent to Orruk Flesh)

– AVS FCB825 (equivalent to Averlund Sunset)
– YRY FFDB01 (equivalent to Yriel Yellow)
– BMY FFF700 (equivalent to Bad Moon Yellow)
– CSY F1CB4E (equivalent to Casandora Yellow)
– HXP F1DCA3 (equivalent to Hexos Palesun)
– NZD B88024 (equivalent to Nazdreg Yellow)

– BMG 845045 (equivalent to Bugmans Glow)
– MFB 663300 (equivalent to Mournefang Brown)
– RHD 493435 (equivalent to Rhinox Hide)
– SBL 9C6B08 (equivalent to Snake Bite Leather)
– DBB 5D0009 (equivalent to Doombull Brown )
– DRB 34312C (equivalent to Dryad Bark)

– Paint type: acrylic water-based
– Perfect for hand-painting with wet or hard palettes
– Can be used with an airbrush (pure or it can be thinned with water, 15-25 PSI)
– Can be cleaned with water when wet and isopropyl alcohol or acrylic thinner/stripper when cured
– Works best on surfaces prepared with primer
– Thin but opaque colors, buildable, and self-levelling
– 30-40% pigment content
– Can be mixed with other brands of acrylic paints
– Matte finish, can also be used with various acrylic mediums to achieve different types of finish
– Shake well before using

Additional information

Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Color Set

Reds, Blues, Greens, Yellows, Browns


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