Thank you for choosing Arcus Colours to be a part of your artistic adventure.

Arcus Professional Colours is formulated for intermediate to advanced artists who prefer to mix their own colours to achieve their desired hues. With a high pigment concentration, the colours are highly saturated and perfect for mixing custom shades.

General Information:

• Paint type: water-based acrylic
• Works best on surfaces prepared with primer
• 30-40% pigment content 
• Can be mixed with other brands of acrylic paints.
• Matte finish, can also be used with various acrylic mediums to achieve different types of finish.
• Can be cleaned with water if still wet and acrylic thinner or alcohol if cured.
• Shake well before using
• Touch-dry time is 3-5 minutes, fully cured after 15  minutes.
• Includes a hematite bead shaker inside each bottle.

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