Arcus Professional Colours 12-colors Paint Set 30ml.


Professional Acrylic Water-based, High-Pigment Paint Set

30ml. bottles
1 Set with 12



Acrylic Water-based Paint Set

30ml. bottles
1 Set with 12 bottles/ colors:

Single Pigment Colors:

Black: PBK7 (Carbon Black)
White: PW6 (Titanium Dioxide)
Blue: PB15:0 (Phthalocyanine Blue)
Green: PG7 (Phthalocyanine Green)
Magenta: PR122 (Quinacridone Magenta)
Violet: PV23 (Dioxazine Violet)
Red: PR2 (Naphthol AS Red)
Scarlet Red : PR170 (Naphthol AS Red)
Bright Yellow: PY14 (Diarylide Yellow)
Golden Yellow: PY83 (Diarylide Yellow HR)

Multi-pigment Colors:

Burnt Sienna PBY74, PR2, PBK7 (Hansa Yellow, Naphthol AS Red, Carbon Black)
Lancaster Yellow: PW6, PY83 (Titanium White, Diarylide Yellow HR)

– Paint type: acrylic water-based
– Perfect for hand-painting with wet or hard palettes
– Can be used with an airbrush, thinned with water or airbrush medium/flow improver, 15-25 PSI
– Can be cleaned with water when wet and isopropyl alcohol or acrylic thinner/stripper when cured
– Works best on surfaces prepared with primer
– Thin but opaque colors, buildable, and self-levelling
– 30-40% single pigment content
– Can be mixed with other brands of acrylic paints
– Matte finish, can also be used with various acrylic mediums to achieve different types of finish
– Touch-dry time is 3-5 minutes, fully cured after 15 minutes
– Shake well before using
– Suited for painting:

  • Miniature /table top figures such as Warhammer figures
  • 3D Prints
  • Vinyl figures
  • Clay sculptures
  • Gunpla
  • Action figures


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