Arcus Professional Colour Paints are water-based acrylic paints with high-pigment content which allows you to mix any color while retaining vibrancy. The basic color set includes single-pigment colors which ensures consistent colors.

High-pigment content means that our paints contain 30-40% color pigment to ensure that our paints will still maintain saturation even if they were to be thinned or mixed with other colors or mediums.

Single pigment colors or paints mean that only one kind of color pigment, be it organic or inorganic, is used to make that certain color. This is different from the process of combining basic or primary colors to come up with other colors. The use of single-pigment colors ensures consistent hues. 

Arcus paints are matte because it is the most suitable finish to do advanced painting techniques such as Non-Metallic Metal of NMM, or Object Source Lighting or OSL. With a matte finish, there will be no unnecessary gloss or sheen interfering with the effect that you  want to mimic through your painting style. You may also use other mediums such as satin or gloss mediums to change the finish, and it is considered an easier process rather than turning a glossy paint finish into matte.

Yes. As long as what you are mixing is also acrylic and water-based there should be no issues, unless what you’re mixing has other content which might cause a reaction to the paint.

No. Only acrylic or water-based paints can be mixed with Arcus paints. Other paints types have different base types and most often are solvent-based which is different from Arcus’ water-based formulation.

We’ve decided to include two multi-pigment colors such are the Burnt Sienna and Lancaster Yellow to provide base colors for natural tones and skin tones. We wanted to make sure that artists in all skill levels would be able to create any color just with the basic set.

The idea of having single pigment in higher volume allows you to mix any color you want even with just the basic set. We also provide custom color mixing services if you need help in achieving the color you want. 

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