Arcus Professional Colours High Pigment-Acrylic Paints

Arcus Professional Colours are water-based acrylic paints that are especially formulated for the intermediate to advanced artists who prefer to mix their own colors to achieve their desired results. With a high pigment concentration, the colors are highly saturated and perfect for creating any color you need.

30ml. bottle

Available in individual 30ml. colors or 12-color sets

– Paint type: acrylic water-based
– Perfect for hand-painting with wet or hard palettes
– Can be used with an airbrush (pure or it can be thinned with water, 15-25 PSI)
– Can be cleaned with water when wet and isopropyl alcohol or acrylic thinner/stripper when cured
– Works best on surfaces prepared with primer
– Thin but opaque colors, buildable and self-levelling
– Colors may appear darker when pure due to high pigment content (40-50% pigment concentration)
– Colors can be mixed with white to increase opacity and adjust tint
– Can be mixed with other brands of acrylic paints
– Satin finish, can also be used with various acrylic mediums to achieve different types of finish
– Touch-dry time is 10 minutes, fully cured after 12 hours
– Shake well before using to achieve a more matte finish
– Includes a hematite bead shaker inside each bottle

Suitable for use on:
– Miniature figures / Minis /Tabletop Figures
– Gunpla / Gundam
– Other Mecha
– Clay Figures
– Vinyl Figures
– Plastic Figures
– Rubberized Materials
– Leather

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