Arcus Professional Colours is a  water-based acrylic paint specially created for artists who prefer to mix their own colors to achieve their desired hues. With a high pigment concentration, Arcus paints are highly saturated and perfect for creating any color you need.

We have specifically formulated our paint to produce thin but high-coverage coats while reducing traces of brush strokes to almost none, perfect for preserving details even in small-scale figures.

During our product development phase, we collaborated with well-experienced commission painters to ensure that we provide the best quality of products — ideal even for beginners.

Meticulously crafted to rival the finest international brands, we take immense pride in presenting a paint that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the world.

Reach the full potential of your creativity with a pigment concentration that sets a new standard in quality. 

For more information on the product and proper usage, please visit our General Information and Safety page or the Frequently Asked Questions page For more details on the pigments used, please visit the Basic Colors Set Pigments page.

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